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Harbor Custom Development, Inc. is an innovative and market leading real estate development company involved in all aspects of the land development cycle including land acquisition, entitlements, construction of project infrastructure, home building, marketing, and sales of various single-family and condominium projects in Washington, California, Texas, and Florida. We have constructed single-family communities and homes in Gig Harbor, Bremerton, Silverdale, Bainbridge Island, Belfair, Allyn, and Port Orchard in the state of Washington. We have single-family homes and condominiums in various stages of development in California, Texas, and Florida. Our business strategy is focused on the acquisition of land to develop property for the construction and sale of residential lots, home communities, or condominium properties within a 30 to 60-minute commute to major metropolitan employment corridors.

Our portfolio of offered lots, home plans, and finishing options, coupled with a historic low inventory of residential housing and condominiums in our principal geographic areas, currently provide a diverse product portfolio and an opportunity to increase revenue and overall market share. In addition to our single-family residential projects, we plan to build and sell townhomes and have commenced land development for two condominium sites.

The core of our business plan is to acquire and develop land strategically, based on our understanding of population growth patterns, geo-economic forces, entitlement restrictions, and infrastructure development. We focus on locations within our target markets with convenient access to metropolitan areas that are generally characterized by diverse economic and employment bases and increasing populations. We believe that these conditions create strong demand for new housing, and these locations represent what we believe to be attractive opportunities for long-term and sustainable growth.
Harbor Custom Development, Inc.
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Harbor Custom Development, Inc.

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